On Snow Activities

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So Many Choices

Melbourne Nordic is built around the activities of its members, who range from novice skiers to elite racers.
  • ski on groomed trails
  • ski on back-country virgin snow
  • ski at your own pace
  • participate in races


The Club organises free group lessons on several weekend trips. When snow permits, we often organise discounted lessons at Lake Mountain. As well, experienced members are always happy to pass on advice and tips on an informal basis.

Club Weekend Trips

The Club currently organises around 7 weekend trips, with accommodation, throughout the ski season. Some of these weekends comprise free group lessons, and day trips for a range of skill levels. Accommodation is allocated on a first come, first served basis, so book early!

Day Touring

We have a number of day tours, throughout the ski season, for a range of skill levels. Some members are keen to be first on the snow in June, and Spring touring in September is a particular delight.

Other Ski Activities

Members participate in a range of other activities such as snow camping, ski orienteering and rogaining. Some members are involved in ski patrolling, the nordic rescue service, and conserving the alpine national parks and wilderness environments.


The Club is represented at the Victorian Championships, as well as many of the citizen races which are run throughout Victoria and New South Wales.
Citizen races are open to all levels of ability with the emphasis on participation.
At the end of August, many members take part in the Kangaroo Hoppet and associated races held at Falls Creek. Other members help out at Melbourne Nordic's drink station and give encouragement to the racers.

Favourite Haunts of Members

If you are in the vicinity, make an effort to be at these places at the times shown so you can meet fellow members, on, or travelling to and from the snow.

Wear a club T-shirt or badge so other members can identify and make contact with you. There is of course no guarantee that a member will be present on any given occasion.
In front of Lake Mountain Ski School
9.30 am each Winter Saturday & Sunday

The Camp, Lake Mountain
12.30 pm each winter Saturday & Sunday

In front of Lake Mountain Ski School
10:30am Wednesday, mid-week skiers

Marysville Bakery, Marysville
(On the way back from Lake Mountain)
4:30 pm "apres ski"!

Windy Corner Nordic Shelter, Falls Creek.

Most winter weekend lunchtimes.