MNSC Fantastic Photo Competition

2022 Winners

2022 Equal First - Best Action: Helen Lee ("Tim crossing the Creek")
2022 Equal First - Best Action: Nhan Nguyen ("Girls having Fun - 42km racers in the 1st passing Watchbed Creek drink station")
2022 Best Landscape: Tim Connors ("Still waters")
2022 Equal First - Best Humorous: Jeff Cameron ("Rider on the Snow")
2022 Equal First - Best Humorous: Jill Edwards ("Having Fun")
2022 Best People photo: Helen Lee ("Early Season Madness - Clair, Meg, Glenn")

Note that there was no clear winner(s) for Best Overall in 2022!

2020 and 2021

No photo contests took place in 2020 or 2021 due to the disruption of the ski seasons by the Covid-19 pandemic.

2019 Winners

2019 Most Humorous: Sally Both ("Exclusive Nordic-style ski jumper club members")
2019 Best Landscape and Best Overall: Mike Grange ("Sastrugi-hopping all the way up Mt Clarke, Charlotte Pass")
2019 Best People Photo: Peter Mart ("Skitube Bandits - Perisher")
2019 Equal Best Action: John Bradshaw ("John Banks on Nelse - Johnston Hut Trip")
2019 Equal Best Action: Tim Connors ("Climbing Up the Watercourse, Falls Creek - It was a spectacularly hot day; down to my T-shirt")

2018 Winners

2018 Best Overall: Tim Connors  ("Sunset, two hours from civilisation")
2018 Best Landscape: Tim Connors ("Beginning of the Kosciuszko climb")
2018 Best People Photo: Jen McKay ("Three Amigos!")
2018 Most Humorous: Marvena Van Kann ("The Life and Souls of the Party!")

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2017 Winners

2017 Best Overall: Thomas Whiteside.
2017 Best Action: John Bradshaw.
2017 Most Humorous: John Banks.

2016 Winners

2016 Most Humorous: Meg Bate.
2016 Equal Best Action: Di McKinley.
2016 Equal Best Action: Pamela Graham.
2016 Best Overall: Loretta Calverley.

2015 Winners

Winner 2015 overall best photo.
2015 Best Overall: Peter Mart.
2015 Best Action Shot: John Banks
2015 Most Humorous: Marvena van Kann.

2014 Winners

2014 Best Overall: John Banks
2014 Best Action Shot: John van Gemert.
2014 Most Humorous: Len Budge.

2013 Winners

2013 Equal Best Overall: Meg Bate
2013 Best Action Shot: Meg Bate
2013 Most Humorous: John van Gemert
2013 Equal Best Overall: Meg Bate.

2012 Winners

2012 Best Overall: John van Gemert.
2012 Best Action Shot: John van Gemert.
2012 Most Humorous: Helen Lee.