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MNSC Fantastic Photo Competition

2018 Winners

2018 Best Overall: Tim Connors  ("Sunset, two hours from civilisation")

20018 Best Landscape: Tim Connors ("Beginning of the Kosciuszko climb")

2018 Best People Photo: Jen McKay ("Three Amigos!")

2018 Most Humorous: Marvena Van Kann ("The Life and Souls of the Party!")

2017 Winners

2017 Best Overall: Thomas Whiteside

2017 Best Action: John Bradshaw

2017 Most Humorous: John Banks

2016 Winners

2016 Best Overall: Loretta Calverly

2016 Equal Best Action: Pamela Graham

2016 Equal Best Action: Di McKinley

2016 Most Humorous: Meg Bate

2015 Winners

2015 Best Overall: Peter Mart

Winner 2015 overall best photo.

2015 Best Action Shot: John Banks

2015 Most Humorous: Marvena van Kann

2014 Winners

2014 Best Overall: John Banks

2014 Best Action Shot: John van Gemert

2014 Most Humorous: Len Budge

2013 Winners

2013 Equal Best Overall: Meg Bate

2013 Equal Best Overall: Meg Bate

2013 Best Action Shot: Meg Bate

2013 Most Humorous: John van Gemert

2012 Winners

2012 Best Overall: John van Gemert

2012 Best Action Shot: John van Gemert

2012 Most Humorous: Helen Lee