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Cross Country Ski Racing

Put Your Skills and Fitness to the Test

Many Melbourne Nordic members participate in cross country ski racing. Members compete in Citizen Races. In particular, many members compete in the Kangaroo Hoppet, Australia's biggest ski race (42km marathon, 21km half-marathon and 7km race for the kids) and the first Worldloppet ski race held in the Southern hemisphere. Participants in citizen races range from elite athletes to social skiers who are happy just to complete the course, often skiing together for mutal support. For details of all races, see https://ausxc.com/race-calendar/race-calendar/

Kangaroo Hoppet/Birkebeiner/Joey: Late August

The Kangaroo Hoppet is Australia's marathon ski race. The races are held at Falls Creek on the fourth Saturday in August. They form part of the prestigious international Worldloppet ski race series..
Joey - 7km; Birkebeiner - 21km and; Hoppet - 42 km
Club members enter according to their ability, fitness and/or energy. Use this fun race as a motivator to get fit.
MNSC traditionally staffs a drink station, usually in fancy dress. This is another option for less energetic members and a hilarious time is had by all. The drink stations are a welcome sight for the racers, so you will be much appreciated if you volunteer for this. When we don't have enough volunteers to staff our own drink station, interested members help out on other drinks stations.