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Hi season hi-jinks FAQ

What is this event about?

In mid-August, the part of season when snow cover is usually at its best, we book accommodation at Nelse Lodge located in Bogong Village, 15 km from Falls Creek (don't confuse this with the rather luxurious Nelse Lodge in Falls Creek). This weekend is self-catering.  It is a bit further to drive each day to Falls Creek, but if you are keen to hit the snow with a bunch of like minded MNSC skiers, this is an inexpensive weekend with pretty reliable snow. Falls Creek offers the largest network of groomed cross country trails in Australia, has a ski lift system with lots of intermediate runs to suit telemark skiers and is an access point for a huge area of backcountry skiing to suit all levels of ability.

What activities happen?

We don't normally have planned activities at this event. As is often the case for Melbourne Nordic weekends, participants tend to plan their activities in discussion with each other, often over a relaxed breakfast at Nelse Lodge. Because the snow is usually so good, all options are on the table - track skiing, back-country day tours or lifted skiing.

How do I get there?

Nelse Lodge is a part of the Bogong Outdoor Education Centre (BOEC), located in Bogong Village, which is about half way between Mount Beauty and Falls Creek. If you are coming by bus, you need to inform the driver that you need to be dropped at Bogong Village and you will have to walk about 150m down the main road in Bogong Village to the BOEC. Nelse Lodge is in the first building on the left at BOEC and is accessed via the door closest to the BOEC entrance. It is important not to confuse this venue with the lodge of the same name in the Falls Creek village itself. There is not usually any snow on the ground at Bogong Village and you do not need to carry snow chains to drive there, but chains are required when driving beyond Bogong Village to Falls Creek.

What is provided?

Nelse Lodge is a small facility with a basic kitchen. You need to bring food for the weekend. You need to bring a sleeping bag (or bed linen and doona) and towels. Since the closure of Bogong Jack's Tavern a few years ago, there is no food or shopping in Bogong Village.